Thursday, January 11, 2007


I'm not very fond of cold. In fact I get really annoyed when it is too cold. But the same works for very hot days, like those freaking summers in Rio, when the temperature would go to 40°C in the shadow. This year the winter is surprisingly OK. I mean, temperature around 10°C, the wind being not too freezing.
These last day, on the other hand, have been really ugly. The sky would become dark like in horror movies; the wind is so strong that it seems that it will break the windows. The good news is that sometimes the wind carries me. I feel so light. :-D I had to hold myself today and wait for the wind to come down. I also had something in my right eye, which I still don't know what it was and how I manage to get rid of it, but it made me cry for about two hours. I hate crying in public! hehe

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