Thursday, January 11, 2007

Quick story

I was talking to my dad one of these days and he said “it is very cold here, we have to wear jacket and socks at home. But, of course, nothing like what you get there.” I replied “nah, here is as cold as São Paulo. Some days are really pleasant”. And my dad comes with the pearl: “you say that because you are already British”. Huh? But then at least I know I don’t look like a tourist anymore, because this week I was asked for directions three times! Yes, sir, I did (sic). It doesn’t matter if I didn’t give the correct information. The point here is that those lost people came to me – the queen of all lost people in the world - to ask for directions! But, yeah, British?! No way, I’m too tanned for that. :-)
Good-bye. Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu

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