Thursday, January 11, 2007

So, what has happened lately? I became an English teacher. Well, sort of experimenting in this area. Still don't know if I want to go for it as a career. Mom says I will get addicted to it when I start seeing my students' progress, but I am still in the very beginning of the process and so far I think I am asking too much of myself.

Speaking of career, I am also facing a dilemma. Career or money (since the two are not always walking together)? This question led me to a prior issue: what is my profession anyway? I graduated in Advertising and Journalism, worked as PR and Marketing assistant and coordinator, I did a Masters in Interactive Media (what?), and that's it. I don't feel like I have a profession to pursue a career on. I mean, when you work with marketing, you can work anywhere, in any company, doing anything. Marketing is such a broad concept that some job ads seem to be a joke. Anyway, this concern led to another one: how can I have such doubt getting closer to the 30's? You're not supposed to ask what you are going to be when you grow up when you are about to turn 30! And worse, if you are about to question yourself, you should at least have an idea, right? And this questioning leads to another more depressing thought: what?!?!?!?! 30?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Ohmygosh!!! Where did all those years go????? How did I live t-h-i-r-t-y years??? Ooooh, another thought coming through: how am I going to celebrate my 30 years? Because, let’s face it, it is an historical date. You don’t turn 30 years old everyday. 30 years can be half of your life. Some women say that it is when life really starts (I think it’s bullshit; it is just because you cannot go back on time and because from now on things just get worse), so it is something to celebrate, right?

Too much thinking for a single paragraph, innit?

This is what I’ve been doing the most lately: thinking. You take at least half an hour to go anywhere in London. I take half an hour walking from my house to the tube station. Half an hour to go to the cinema in West India Quays. Half an hour to leave the house and arrive at Cipri’s place. So, there’s plenty of opportunities for thinking. And so I think. Another thing I was thinking about was my next trip. Yeah, because if there is something that is worth thinking about is traveling. Even if it is a long term plan, like Australia in 2008. Or a trip to the Northeast of Brazil in 2009.

Headache. Enough thinking!

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