Thursday, December 07, 2006

Post # 100! Yey!

After complaining so much that I was simply forgetting the things I wanted to write here, I finally got the cutest notebook to write down ideas and thoughts. Thanks for that, Maryam, great present! :-) Ok, the present is almost a month old, but I forgot to write about it here. I used it quite a lot yesterday, as these days things happened and I simply couldn't update the blog.
Tomorrow my life as a single-woman-for-12-days starts. Don't get me wrong, I am still commited up to the teeth and I am - as all good cancerians - very much in love with my bed and my home, so no crazy parties, drinking until I fall, back home at 3 am. What are my plans as a single woman in London then? First of all, I really hope I will be able to work a little on the videos I brought from Brazil. My poor laptop doesn't have enough space and I wrote to Santa requesting an external hard disk. My computer is going for a trip to NY and I borrow one that might have more space. Not sure yet.

The other plan is to go to some Christmas carols that are happening in the city. I've never seen one, I don't think we have this tradition in Brazil, and if we do, my family certainly doesn't have tradition of attending them. One will be this Sunday in Forest Hill and the other one will be on the 13th, a typical Romanian carol I was told. You know, need to straighten the ties between the two cultures.
I wanted to go out for some tourism too, but it looks like the weather won't help me on that. Today we had this weird - but cool - ice rain. I thought the windows were going to crash, due to the strength of the impact of the ice. And it was real ice, big chunks, like God crushed them for some drinks and dropped them on Heaven's floor.

Now some "old" stories. Last Friday we went to a club called Plan B, in Brixton, to celebrate Mariana's birthday. Very fun night, with good friends around. Great 'excuse' to go clubbing and dance a bit.

Mari reading a card, before opening her b-day present. Barny & friend chatting on the background.

Roberto and Cipri before and after some beers. Not much of a difference, innit?

It's hugging time! Barny, Cipri & Mari, being guarded by somebody I have no clue who could be.

Cipri, Guilherme & me: Brazilians rulezzzzzzzzzz (yeah, Cipri considers himself a Brazilian too; who am I to deny?)

Saturday, still a bit sleepy and tired from the party, we went to Islington to check on Honey, the sweetest cat in the world. I didn't drink that much on the night before, but for some reason I felt like having Marco's pistaccio ice cream. Maybe because it was very good? :-P

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  1. Humm I don't know these boots! And what is Gaspar doing? Oh no, it's my niece, Honey! I'm jealous! ahahahah XXX


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