Monday, December 11, 2006

I like to move it move it

My internet connection sucks... It is provisory, just until I get the usual one working, but still, it sucks. Despite it, I manage to upload a video on You Tube. Before advertise it here, I need Lilian's authorization, especially because it is a very poor version of a video I intend to make. Oh yeah, I'm training to become a videomaker. hehehe The 5-minute video was edited with Windows Media Maker, which is quite amateur. I am still experimenting with Adobe Premiere. The editing part is nor too bad, but I have no idea how to make some things, such as subtitles. Well, I'm not even sure if Premiere does such things or if I'll have to use After Effects, but I am quite excited with the idea of learning new stuff.

Alright, it seems that this week will be a little bit busy, which is good. The bad news is that, besides being cold(er), it is also raining. I hate umbrellas - they were made to be lost on the tube. But I also hate to get wet in winter (unlike getting some rain in summer, which can be very nice). So, walking around can be a bit of a torture these days. On the other hand, with my new filmmaking project, it can also be inspiring! Anyway, let's see for how long I will be interested on that.

By the way - or should I say, changing subject? Whatever, Mauricio asked me on another blog (yeah, the third one) about my camera. In fact I have two, but digital compact ones, nothing really special. I have a Sony Cybershot 5.1 Megapixels that I bought about 2-3 years ago and this year I got a Canon Ixus 5.0 Mp. Comparing both, the Canon one is much better. The colors are more vivid and bright. I was told that Canon are the best cameras anyway. But mine is not a professional one, so, yeah, I would say that depending on your budget, go for one of those EOS SLR. hehehehe Cipri has a semi-professional one, I don't know the model, but it is an Olympus one and he seems happy with it.

There's a irritanting bug bumping on the lamp that is not allowing me to concentrate properly here. Besides, I am starving and starting to have a headache. I also have a little piece of wood under my finger skin. It doesn't hurt that much, but it bothers. If only I had a needle at home... Another thing that is annoying me is this thing I saw at the supermarket: potato flour? What the heck is that for, can somebody who understand about cuisine tell me? Ok, ok, I'm a lazy girl and I should just search online. Well, in fact, I need a dictionary, because I know it is used for
cooking, but so what. I need to know the equivalent in portuguese, because it looks so much like Polvilho. And if it is so, this is too good to be true! Polvilho, cheese bread. Hummmm....

By the way, I bought a book of bread recipes. If I don't succeed as a filmmaker, I'll open a bakery.


  1. give me this lazy guy the link of that video we were toking about...plssssssssssssssss

  2. !!!
    oh my, I'll become famous! ahahahah


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