Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maniac Tuesday

I was giving a quick look at the news in a Brazilian website - after 4 days without reading anything - and I was a little surprised with what I've read. Nothing important happening - or maybe it's me not reading the relevant news, as usual. That one caught my attention: a psychologist set his patient on fire to stimulate her. Excuse me? So that’s how a poor depressive soul is treated? No, thanks. I’m happy again.

One that put a smile on my face – an ironic one – was to learn that the film The Departed, with Jack Nicholson, Leonardo di Caprio, Matt Damon et al, was translated as… Os Infiltrados. Hehehe Old habit of ours to give stupid titles for international films. I bet this is a common place in other countries too.

I went to Richmond this morning. It is in Zone 4 and guess what? It is not even London! But that’s fine, it takes about 1 hour to get there and District Line provides a slow and pleasant trip. Richmond is a very nice area. Far away and expensive too, but if you happen to be a millionaire, I would highly recommend you to buy a holiday home there. And if you know me, you can invite me for barbecues. In summer, please.

At last, Momix. Oh dear. Yes, I was disappointed. I guess my life is moving in a too fast pace to cope with a 2-hour slow motion presentation. Geez, I love aquariums, but I think I would be bored to death to watch 5 identical fishes in an aquarium with little decoration. It was like that. Some very nice things in between, but not enough to justify £ 22.50 and the heavy cheering some – most? – of the people gave at the end. A bit too much. Ok, I have a very good compliment: God bless those bodies!!!!


  1. Hey, don't say bad things about my dear District Line! Ok, my favourite, as you may know, is the Jubilee, but I've got good memories of Disctrict...eheheh

  2. District line will get air conditioning in 2009!!!!!! It's going to be "high tech"!


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