Wednesday, October 11, 2006


We had a "little" storm today, reminded me of Rio during these days I was there. :-P I like storms, when I don't have to leave the house. I have storms when I have to leave the house and I'm not wearing appropriate shoes. Which was the case today. The sad part is when you leave the house under a storm, get soaked, and when you return the rain stops. What is his name again? Murphy!

I went to the gym yesterday. I'm feeling a bit of pain, but not much. Maybe it's because I didn't do all the exercises I was supposed to. I have to have my nails done. I have to organize some stuff. I'm going to to movies tonight; the master plan is to watch Hoodwinked and The Departed (or The Children of Men or The Devil Wears Prada). By the way, there's a huge list of films I want to go. Now that I don't have access to College's DVD library anymore, I have to keep the cinema updated. Tomorrow evening I'm going to meet a Brazilian masseuse. She is massaging Mariana and she charges the same price as the massages in Brazil. This is great news. In fact, this is almost paradise.

Is the New Year beginning or not?


  1. James1:38 PM

  2. The Children of Men is supposed to be very good Chris! I haven't seen, but I have read reviews.
    Lately I have been obsessed with online quizzes like this one:

    My results?

    1) Get a pet hairless cat

    2) Eat less onions

    3) Travel to Sweden

    4) Study fashion design

    5) Get in shape with water skiing

    No idea how that was calculated, but it made me smirk nevertheless.

    I am glad you are back and happy.
    See you v. soon.

    xox, Maryam


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