Thursday, October 12, 2006

I don't want to be a super woman

Man, I hate those women - feminists? devil? bitches? - that say that women should be independent. That they should study, take care of the house, pay their bills, work, take care of the children and of the dogs, help the kids on their home work, cook (well), take care of dinner, be a good wife (and up to having sex whenever their husbands ask for), a good daughter, a good friend, a good sister. Not to mention being pretty and in shape all the time (and we are even criticized if we do plastic surgery or liposucction). No wonder why our society is collapsing. This is insane and impossible. Ok, in a short term you can do it, but we suffer of pre-period tension, we explode, we are too emotive, stressed, expensive, we need to be taken care of (without we having to ask). In the end, we will raise our daughter demanding that they should NEVER depend on ANYBODY, they should be auto-sufficient. In a million years, they will become mutants that will reproduce alone. Hermaphrodites.

I'm not trying to generalize, but I was raised to be one of those. And I've just realized that I don't want to.


I recommend Hoodwinked. Very funny animation movie. Full of reference to other movies. Nie version of a classic tale. The other film we've seen was The Departed. It was good, but weird. In the beginning I was confused, but then I could understand everything without asking. Cipri thought it was too violent; he was very anxious and stressed when he got home. That's weird too. Anyway, it is another film about bad cops. The cast is very good. Jack Nicholson and his eternal evil face (The Shinning), Leonardo di Caprio, which I've learned to like, Matt Damon, which I think is ok, nothing more, nothing less, Martin Sheen - Papa Sheen, Mark Wahlberg - who was once a singer and did a cool version for Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side and Alec Baldwin and his very weird lips. Watch it, if you have nothing better in the queue. Otherwise go for Children of Men (haven't seen yet) and The Devil wears Prada, both recommend.


Today I'm going to meet the masseuse. So anxious. I feel like I'm going to meet an artist, or go to a job interview! :-D




  1. Acho que todas nós estamos chegando a essa GRANDE conlusão de que não temos qu esuper mulheres... Simplesmente temos que ser o que somos... MULHERES, seres humanos, falíveis!!!

  2. Hoodwinked is stinky funny!!!!
    I loved it! Devil wears Prada is pretty good too.

    On the women thing...does anyone expect all that? I thought feminists were pro-independence, but almost againts any kind of vanity and defintely against the "sex whenever he wants" part. I guess you put together the demands of the feminists and the 60's housewifes...but just the obligations, no right:-|


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