Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm Back!

Finally I'm back home. Not that I was missing London that much, but I was missing my Cookie and also I'm looking forward to start this new stage in my life.

Everything went fine in Brazil. I couldn't see everyone I wanted to see, but this is what happens when you have little spare time. The good news is that I manage to solve everything and now I can relax.

What's the next step? Now I will start looking for a job. And organizing my room. I brought so many clothes and shoes that I don't have where to put them. (But, hey, I just have a two-door wardrobe). As I mentioned somewhere before, a new year is starting!!

On time: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAURICIO! I'm a bit late, sorry, but I couldn't access the internet on the 4th! São Francisco day, huh? I hope you have had a great time, I bet your wonderful wife did something special and nice for you! ehehehe

Speaking about nice... my cute boyfriend made me a surprise. Next 15th we will celebrate our 1st anniversary (wow!) and we are going to Nice!!!! :-) Well, it was supposed to be a surprise but he couldn't keep the secret for too long and he told me while I was in Brazil. And the present I got for him arrived today and he couldn't wait until the 15th. He open the package as soon as I told him it was his present. I'm not gonna tell what it is, unless he allows me to do so. hehehe

Well, 2.30 am (22.30 in Brazil), I have to go to bed. I hope to come up with good news and photos soon.

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