Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pics to illustrate previous chapters

Some other picutures for the Rio de Janeiro Tour 2006.

Chris, Cris and Lili - Manuel & Joaquim, Copacabana. 23/09/2006 - a very tiring day!! Egotist moment: I love my tan! :-D

Nathalia, Lili and Laine - Manuel & Joaquim, Copacabana. 23/09/2006 - Nath and Lalá less tired after a quick nap.

Sunday picture. We (Nath, Lalá, Maggie, Lili and I) having lunch at Little Italy, Barra da Tijuca. 24/09/2006 - a stormy day!

Going to São Paulo. Joaninha (lady bug), Lalá's car, went back packed with boxes. look how comfortable I was! :-) Hey, no, I didn't go to SP with the girls, they just gave me a ride.

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  1. Adorei a carinha das duas ali atrás!!!


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