Friday, October 13, 2006

Around the world

I was reading the news (blah, not really, just looking at pictures) when I saw those two pics. The first one is a flower sculpture in Beijing (Pequim, in Portuguese), for the 2008 Olympic Games. I wonder if we would do something nice if it was in Brazil. Don’t get me wrong, but Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but we have such a bad taste. Probably the politicians would steal the money and rely on the natural beauties of the country. Anyways, I would like to visit Beijing, although my inner self (huh, does this exist?) says I would suffer a bit with the cultural differences (I “heard” they eat anything that is alive).

The other picture is from St. Petersburg, in Russia. Some crazy dude put soap power in a water fountain and transformed a square in an open air washing machine. We can’t deny it was funny. Reminds me of Rio, when the funk clubs were using bubbles (“banho de espuma eh muito legal”) to amusing the crowd. Yeah, probably this person spent some holidays in Chapeu Mangueira and is now spreading culture.

And last minute news: this is the place where we are going in late January. Cookie has just booked the tickets. I hope it snows, otherwise I will just freeze. And I want to see snow… yet freeze.

This is the last post of the week. Tomorrow morning we are heading to Nice, South France. According to the weather forecast, the weather will be sunny and warm. Lucky us! But guess what? I’ve forgotten to pack my bikinis. Dum’ass!

All the pictures in this post were stolen from the internet. The first two ones were on UOL website (Beijing: Aly Song/Reuters / St. Petersburg: Ilya Snopchenko/AFP), the two last ones I found searching on Google images. Sorry if I didn't credit the photographers of the last ones, but I was too lazy to find out who the heck are they. Copyright is a serious issue when we talk about internet, huh?

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  1. Great pictures though;-)
    Your life is so boring, traveling all the time to those nasty places. I feel sorry for you...
    About Brazil: forget it. We can't even organize a World Cup, which only one sport (our sport!!)...wait and see how the Pan-2007 will be...
    I guess China is a must visit. They are changing fast, so you'd better go soon, before it starts looking like NY!
    About the food, sometimes my chinese friend says "you don't want to know what this is"


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