Saturday, September 30, 2006

Chapter 4

I'm home alone with the dog, who, by the way, is barking like crazy to some enemy that only she can see.

I've spend the day reading all the articles about the plane crash in the North of the country. Gol is one of the Brazilian budget airlines and it was flying from Manaus (Amazonas) to Rio de Janeiro, with a stop in Brasília. The aircraft fell somewhere in Mato Grosso with 155 people on board. I didn't know anybody in that flight, but it is impossible not to be touched by a tragedy like that.

Another tragedy will be our elections. This period is very tough for me, coz I hardly follow the political life of my own country. I barely know the candidates, I don't support any specific party, I believe more in Santa Claus than I believe in politians' good intentions.

Good news: I manage to download my pictures here! :-D I'm still trying to reduce the size of some of them, but I here are some! If you read all the posts, you will know the stories behind each photo.

Cris, Madá, Tatá and I, at Manuel & Joaquim - Largo do Machado, RJ, 20/09/2006 (Zilma was there, but she left earlier)

Me and Leo, at Bibi Sucos - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, 19/09/2006

Amanda, Chris and Miguel, after 5 hours of dancing, running, shouting, playing and destroying the house. My place, Laranjeiras, RJ, 21/09/2006.

Vivi and I, between two of her friends. Informal, Barra da Tijuca, RJ, 22/09/2006.

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