Friday, September 29, 2006

Chapter 3

As you might have guessed, the weekend was extremely funny and nice. It is so good to be able to speak and swear in Portuguese. Jokes make sense and are really funny. I had a great time listening to Lili's, Lalá's and Maggie's stories in São Paulo. Listening to the funny stories of your friends makes you feel like life is so good and there are no problems in the world. Quite comforting.


I spent the day with my dad today. Just come back home, almost 11 pm. It was good. I prepared a DVD with images of London for him, and before meeting him, I told his wife on the phone that I had something to show them that they would like (I was talking about the DVD). She decided to think that I was pregnant and I wanted to make a surprise. My dad believed her and mentioned to his friends that he was going to be a grandpa. It is not the first time they mention this issue. A long time ago my dad's wife told me "why don't you have a child?"; I replied "coz I don't have a boyfriend to be my husband to be the father of my child"; and she said "ah, you can ask a friend, and then you can give me the baby to raise for you". Huh? Yeah, this is part of my family. The other part (my mom and her sis) are more like "children?!?!!?! Are you crazy???? This world is doomed, There are wars, people killing each other, Bush, Lula, unemployment, hunger... Besides, you will never sleep again, you will be fat, old, your hair will fall". When all I care about is the weather in London when I go back...


This week I met the folks at my ex-work. Everybody looks fine there. Maybe not that fine. I was also involved with the citizenship process, which didn't work like I wanted. I came to my mom's place last Wednesday, St. Cosme & Damião's Day. I got a bag of candies. :-) I went shopping, nice clothes for the near future. :-) I was very frustrated, but now I am ok. By "now" I mean this exact moment, while writing this post. I feel fine. My left knee is painful, but I feel good. I saw on TV that sleep helps you lose weight. Sleeping increases the production of one or two hormones that helps burning calories (not very sure about that) and not feeling hungry. Great news, huh?!


Have a great weekend! :-)

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