Friday, September 29, 2006

Chapter 2

Thursday was family day. Cousin-Godmother visited me with her two kids (my Godchildren; she is 10, he is 6 yrs old). Quite noisy and tiring, but fun. The neighbour downstairs complained about the noise (dancing, running, shouting, singing), but in the end everything was fine. I wish I had that energy, but I'm having second (third, forth...) thoughts if I really want to have my own kids. Gee, you cannot return them if they are defective or if they are not what you've dreamt of!

Friday I met a friend that attended a post graduation course with me. It was supposed to be a meting of the classmates, but this friend forgot to tell everybody that she changed her mobile number, so nobody could find her to tell that the event was cancelled. We went - Vivi (my friend), Junior (her friend), another girl I forgot the nam (her friend) and me - to the Outback in New York City Center (yeah, far away) and after 20 minutes we found out that nobody would show up! we decided to go to Informal, a pub at Downtown, then, where the food is good. It was a (nice) surprise to see that the manager recognized me! He even got us a nice table (there was a huge queue). I used to go there every Friday, for one year and a half, when I worked in Downtown. I took a picture with him, which I will post later.

Saturday Lili, Lalá and Maggie arrived in Rio! :-D I went with Leo to Bara da Tijuca, where Lalá's mom lives and we had a nice lunch together. I gave Lili her late birthday present and she cried like a baby. hehe Ok, it was tough! We gave her a many things that would remind her of London and/or her friends there, like chocolate, books, tea. And I prepared a DVD with images of London, so she can watch everytime she misses the place. after eating and crying a river, we went to Niterói (for those who don't know, Niterói is another city, so going from Barra to Niterói is a journey) to visit Mariana. Our friend Mari, from London, was also in Brazil. For a good cause. I'm inspired and making plans now. Not gonna tell more, coz I don't know if it is supposed to be a secret. hehehe In the evening, we went to Copacabana to meet up some friends (Cris, Indaiá, some of Indaiá's and Leo's friends). Lalá, Maggie and Nathalia, who didn't go to Niterói with us because they were too tired, joined us as well. I have loads of pictures from that day, but as I told before, I forgot the damn cable.

Sunday I went to Barra to meet up Lili and Maggie and to shoot some images of the beach. The problem was that it was horribly raining, we barely could see ourselves. The weather in Rio was worse than in London, I must say. White sky, cold, rainy. depressing. The food is still good though, and this is more important. We had lunch together (with Lalá and Nath), and the girls went back to São Paulo. A very short visit, but it was GREAT to see them!

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