Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's raining, man!

The world is definitely rotating on the wrong direction. I think the person in charge of controlling the seasons abandoned the post, or collapsed, or slept more than usual and winter is knocking at our doors. At least in London. No idea to whom I have to complain.
Damn, and it's raining like hell!
Last Tuesday we met Mariana and Barny to talk about our trip to Morocco. We are planning to leave on December 23rd and return either on the 28th or on Jan. 3rd. We are also thinking about renting a car and travelling around the country. Well, the idea is to visit some beaches and keep the tan (i'm talking about me here, as everybody else is a bit whitish).
Me also planning a trip to Brazil. Two options: one would be a business trip (hehehehe) this year and the other would be a holiday trip in February. Of course I mean is either one or the other, coz if I start going to all the trips I plan to, besides going bankrupt, I will never find a job.
I have to confess that I have no fresh news. I've started the research for my dissertation (yes, I am VERY late, as usual) and for the next days I will (try to) dedicate myself to it. Oh yes, Madonna concert was cool. Everybody should have a show like this on the CV. As I arrived early and was a bit bored, I bought tickets for Tool show, in the end of November. Nov. 18th we are also going to see Momix. Am I being repetitive here? And on Aug. 27th we are going to the Reading Festival. We are aiming Pearl Jam performance, but we will get some extra shows, like Placebo and... and... and... ok, my memory is not helping me at all.
Hmmm, I'm out of news and things to talk about. So, yeah, I'm leaving you now. Kisses!

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  1. Such a hard life!!!! Shows and more shows, trips and more trips...I don't know how you handle it!!:-)


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