Friday, August 11, 2006

News & Pics

Some quickies before posting pics from Greece:

* Today I'm going to pick my ticket to Madonna's concern. The show is tomorrow, at the Wembley Arena.

* Yesterday I went to the gym. 10 minutes of cross training (or whatever), 40 minutes of walking (medium speed, 50% elevation), few exercises for the tummy, and 4 exercises for the legs. I wasn't feeling very comfortable to exercise without having a program (which I will define with the instructor next Monday, 10.30 am), but here is normal to go to the gym and start working out without supervision. I'm just not used to it.

* Did I mention that I cut my hair before going to Greece? A £ 5.00 haircut at Toni&Guy, but the result is almost imperceptible. I wanted to cut short, but the lady (a student practicing what she learned) asked to many why's and I got insecure and I went for a "traditional" layers haircut. Traditional here, as everybody in London has the same haircut, that one that you look like a mushroom (volume on top, few hair on the bottom). I'm getting used to it, gonna take some pics to post here.

* Finally my credit card arrived!! :-D Don't panic, I'm not a heavy consumer. It's just annoying not to have one to buy certain things (air tickets and show tickets, for example) and only in July HSBC authorized me to have one. It wasn't very easy, though. First they sent the card to my address in Brazil. And then, when the second card arrived here, I was charged a £ 20.00 fee for insurance, which I haven't requested (I mean, I was very clear that I DIDN'T want it). And, last but not least, when I called then to cancel the insurance, the lady tried to convince me no matter how to keep the damn thing. No means no. And she kept insisting "but why? If you lose, if you don't pay, if you...” I almost had to say "look, I want to portrait the card, I'm not gonna use it" to make her stop. And this phone call cost me £ 3.00.

Ok, now the photos:

1) Cipri & I at the Parthenon - Acropolis :

2) Partial view from the Acropolis:

3) Herodio Theatre. The black stage was for that evening's concert. I was told that the accoustic of the place is perfect. We couldn't check because it was closed to the public.

4) Like Rome, they found out a city under Athens when they were digging the wholes for the tube station. Great idea to make a window of it, huh? This is part of the walls of a grave yard (it's not a yard... but those are tombs). P.S.: This is inside the tube station.

5) Detail of one of the tombs (open, as you can see). The quality is not so good, but you can see a "BC" skeleton there if you look VERY carefully.

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