Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Going back home! :-D

The dream will come true. I have my e-ticket to Rio de Janeiro - the one and only - in my hands. I'm leaving on the 17th of september, arriving on a Monday, with a huge TODO list. My flight is via Washington. I hope this won't be a problem. I'm also hoping that my trip won't be in vain as I learned today that the document I am expecting has a good chance to be ready in four months...
Well, it is true that going to Rio de Janeiro is never a waste of time, but if I don't manage to do what I have to do there, I might have to go back home for good! I bet my mom don't think it is a bad idea. :-P


  1. Olha a palhaçada! Não vejo a hora de te ver! =) Beijas!

  2. Voce tem visto pros EUA? Senao tiver, eh bom ver porque eh capaz de precisar...mesmo que seja so pra trocar de aviao

  3. ih, cris, eh mesmo....que ó do borogodó, vc e lili me desertarem num vai dar, po!


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