Thursday, May 11, 2006

One day you have nothing, the other you might have too much

I have spent the whole week trying to have things done. Things that didn't depend on me at all, like having programs installed at the lab's machines and searching of the lab's video camera's battery. I was also trying to install the phone tools on my computer to download the pictures from my mobile to my laptop; after two days trying to find the right programs, install them on the right order and reading help files (with a little help from my 'friends'...), I managed to get all the pictures out of that piece of... mobile.

The camera is quite crap, I have to tell you. The only reasonable photos were taken under sunlight, and even though we cannot tell that there are a big deal. Anyways, at least I could capture some cool moments, although some of them, such as this one of the left (yeah, I did have to think: right or left?!). No idea when and where this photo was taken and of course it doesn't show our best features, whatever they are. hehehe

At least we were smiling. :-)

Rá (hmm, this was in Portuguese)! This one I remember very very well. Me waiting the flight to Porto at Stansted airport. I lost the 6.50 am flight and had to wait 12 hours for the next one. As it would take me a long time to go back home, have a shower, take a nap and return to the airport 2 hours before the flight, I decided to stay at the airport. See those red chairs in front? I even slept there. Quite an interesting experience. I felt like those students backpackers that sleep at the bus stations with nowhere to go, just waiting for the first bus to go somewhere and have some fun. It was my first international trip as a Londoner and things didn't go very well. Now I know that we have to take the National Express, instead of waiting for the train. It cost me 40 pounds to know that!

Below is Porto by night. A square downtown. Porto is cool, but I prefer Lisbon.

And here is the view of the Tate Modern. The best thing of this museum is the view. St. Paul's Cathedral is one of my favourite monuments in London. Really gorgeous!

This picture was taken at Pret-A-Manger, when I was having a delicious goat cheese and red pepper soup, while waiting Mr. Miclaus. It was such a nice warm and sunny day and I forgot my camera - again!

Ahá! And here is Mr. Miclaus in Barcelona. Day after. Good memories! :-)


  1. The first photo was taken in Tate Modern while waiting for Mariana and Barny.

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