Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No title today

What I miss the most at school, now that I am on 'holidays', are the breaks for a chat and a coffee & cigarrettes (hot chocolate or fresh orange juice for me). We used to go to the Student Union area, nice but polluted. Then we changed to Cafe Crema, whose owner, I was told, is a Portuguese guy. The place is cosy - again polluted but the ciggarette's smoke, has a nice hot chocolate and also a garden, for the warmer days. I was there last Friday, the first, and only, time I was on t-shirts this year. Nice weather, nice day.

This photo was taken there, next to the window, where we could see people passing by, just relaxing, chatting, complaining, laughing - the slogan of the place is "slow food", so no rush there. This is me and Nelly, my Greek friend, who invited me to go to Greece this year. Hopefully I will be able to spend a week there this summer. Fingers crossed.
Next Monday the Chevening scholars will have this reception presided by the Lord of Triesman of Tottenham. We received this cool invitationon behalf of Her Majesty's Government. The dress code is Lounge Suit, which I had no idea what it was until I googled it; I think I might have something suitable for the even. I hope. Anyways, it's only for two hours, and hopefully it's not going to hurt.
OK, I have nothing else to say, so I will prepare myself to go to school. Tonight we are going to see Mission: Impossible III. Not expecting much. Next week Da Vinci Code and last week of May: X-Men III. Can you "feel" my happy face?! :-D


  1. Não esquece de me contar do filme!!! Não quero perder tempo indo ao cinema pra ver besteira, não tenho cartão ilimitado...risos
    Beijas! Te amo!!!

  2. very nice pic!
    btw, o segredo eh o pensamento positivo e chocolate everyday, rsrsrs... vamos ver ateh quando isso dah certo =O|


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