Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Children's logic

'Se você quer sorrir, é com Patati
Se você quer brincar, é com Patata
Se você quer sorrir e brincar, Patati-Patata'

When I was a kid, my right-left skills weren't very well developed in school, so now, when somebody asks me if it is "right or left", I have to think for a while and then answer. If I don't think, I will certainly give a wrong answer.

I'm gonna pack papers and books of previous terms today. I'm trying to find some inspiration, for my projects and the dissertation. Not stressed. Tired. Sleepy. Lazy. The sun is gone since the weekend. Sad, but true. At least I have a lot of indoor things to do.

For the records: I will start working out this month, hopefully in a week or two. I'm writing this here so it is register and I will be an unreliable person if I don't start it.


  1. working out??? isso vai contra minha religiao =O|
    se vc soubesse como eh dificil me arrastar pra academia... meses e meses sem dar as caras lah e pelo visto continuarei assim.
    pelo menos agora estou tentando aprender a jogar tenis - nao se engane, sou A mais desajeitada do mundo!!
    well, good luck com sua malhacao =O)

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

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