Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More about Doblin

Checking my photos, I realized that I didn't take many pictures of hot spots of Dublin. They are more... intimist, I guess. I have to confess that having a photographer in the group made me a bit lazy to take my own photos; and add to that the fact that we've walked like camels in the desert and I was too tired to even think about getting the camera out of the bag. Needless to say that all my pictures are either lying down on a park grass or sitting on a banch somewhere.

Watching you watching me.

I've written in the previous post about the sense of humor of the Irish, right? A very good example was a fake Bono Vox pub crawling - well, it was only one 'pob' - while a curious crowd took pictures of the guy. Yes, he looked like Bono indeed. A little bit too much caricatural for me, but the audience was really enjoying it. In a first moment, I thought it was the famous "happy slapping", which I first heard about during one of my classes. Happy slapping, for those who never heard about it, is a bunch of kids - British kids - that slap others just to take pictures with their mobiles and publish them somewhere in the internet. Impossible to deny from whom American culture influences came from, huh? Back to Bono. Yeap, everybody excited with the possibility of being close to the Irish 'myth', including my beloved pair, who manage to take some pictures of the guy, just in case he was the real Bono. Who knows how much a picture of the real McCoy would cost on the black market? The best part was those weird boys coming to us asking "what's happening here?", we "some Bono copycat", the guy "Bono?", with that face "what the heck is Bono?". Bono in Brazil is a chocolate cookie.

Enough of Bono and still talking about food. Eating in Dublin can be more expensive than in London. Firstly, it is not so easy to convert euros to pounds all the time, but overall we were quite surprised with the prices. No Irish food for us. But we've tasted the delicious O'Briens' fresh juices. I got the traditional orange juice, not because of the price, but because it was the only one I was sure about the calories. It was a walking trip; I felt like a pilgrim trying to get somewhere anywhere. As I told Lilian, Dublin has this different atmosphere, a medieval and mysterious aura that I don't feel in London. I'm not saying that one is better than the other. They are just very different. I wouldn't live in Dublin, but I would like to go there more often. I wonder how I would feel in Santiago de Compostela. I'm having some problems in focusing here, have you noticed? Let's go back to food. No proper food for us. I should be ashamed to tell this in public, but I am not: we ate at Burgers King and at Eddie's whatever - a typical american burger place from the 50's/60's. It wasn't bizarre, but we weren't supposed to commit these sins in such a mystic place. :-P We had a calzone and a Subway-like sandwich too. The only proper meal we had was in Howth; I even ate broccoli! So, as you can see, nothing spectacular about the food in Ireland.

Let's not make this post too long. I'll tell more about Dublin tomorrow.

Ah, I went to the movies yesterday to see X-Men - The Last Stand and The Brick. Me great fan of X-Men, so yeah I loved it! I always leave the screen willing to see the next one. For those who didn't see it: stay until the end of the credits (we didn't)!!!!! About the other film... Have you seen a Russian film, in Russian with no subtitles about philosophycal aspects of human beings? This is The Brick. I couldn't understand the film at all - it's American, a thriller - except on the last 5 minutes where the guy says to a girl (representing all the expectators, I guess): "Ok, idiot, I'm going to explain you the whole story. Do you want me to draw?". And so he does. And still I didn't understand some parts. Just to conclude: if you have to pay, don't see this one. If you do and understand, please explain me what the Kara girl is doing in the plot!


  1. menina de deus!
    eu eh que estou em debito com seu blog!! faz tempos que nao passo por aqui... entao, resolvi recomecar devagar =)
    por hj, soh este, mas ainda tenho uma meia-duzia a minha espera =O|
    estou amando saber da sua viagem! outra coisa viver na europa, huh!?
    agora, pulando pro fim do post, eu tb amei x-men, as usual, mas a cena apos os creditos (interminaveis, alias) me IRRITOU!!! ninguem mereceu!!! fomos avisados logo na entrada, pela mocinha da bilheteria, pra ficarmos ateh o fim dos creditos... ficamos... espera, espera, espera... pra no fim... tcharam!!!! 5 segundos (no maximo!) e pronto...
    o lado bom eh que pelo visto teremos outro (afinal, quem ressucitou uma, pode ressucitar outros 100), mas francamente, tanto aviso pra cena extra e soh me dao 5 segundos?!?!! revolta geral no cinema =O|

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