Friday, June 02, 2006


When you are just a student, it makes no difference which day of the week is today. At least I will meet the guy from my class this afternoon and we will spend some hours in a pub-meeting to set some details for our show in July. Things are moving too slow these days, and, as an anxious person, this is driving me crazy. Who knows me well knows that "there's not much you can do, just sit and wait" is the same as saying "kill yourself". I'm moved by Geraldo Vandre's song "Vem, vamos embora, que esperar não é saber. Quem sabe faz a hora, não espera acontecer". I don't think I would be able to translate it without killing the poetry of the lyrics, but it means something like "waiting is not for the wise; they make their time, and don't wait things to happen". Honestly, I think that when your goal is plan A, you have to pursue it with your life, but you also need to work on plans B, C and D, in case things don't go according to the master plan. Waiting for me is waste of time.

Having this in mind, I made a decision: today I'm going to College to get more information on the language courses and also the "Singing for Beginners" course. I will apply for two of them and my life will be planned around them; that simple. Now I know, for example, that I will renew my contract with my room (I won't find anything better and cheaper than this one) for the next year, as I live in a walk distance from College. Now, the next step is to find a job nearby that fits my time so I won't miss my classes. And this is how it works for me: the world has to fit in my plans, not the opposite.


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