Thursday, May 25, 2006

The DaVinci Code and other boring subjects

When you have no expectation on a film - even better: when you are expecting something really bad - the film can become an ok - or even good - surprise. DaVinci Code was one of these cases. It is a kind of audio-visual pocket book version of Dan Brown's novel. The first half was nice, entertaining, easy to handle. The second half started to get a bit too much blah, blah, blah for me. Maybe it was because I read the book? Maybe. Good to see Ian McKellen-Magneto-Galdalf again. Paul Bettany as the albino monk was really good. It wasn't Tom Hanks' best role, but I like him always. The same for Jean Reno; I like his voice, I like to see him acting, even in a shitty film. Poor Audrey Tautou, let's forget her as Sophie Neveu and remember always sweet Amélie Poulain. All in all the film was ok-good. If it wasn't better it was also because the book is not that good. Entertaining though. Can't wait to see X-Men III, Wolverine and all those cool super-mutant-heroes. X-Men is my favourite hero-film ever, followed by Spider Man.

By the way, new Superman coming soon. The trailler sucks.

And the last thing is just to say how I get annoyed by 1) stupid idiot weird people, those that don't hide at all that they are useless, nasty, unfriendly, disgusting, worthless, and I keep on going here and 2) other people that agree with that but keep in touch with these type of people just to be political and because they have "friends" in common. And what I don't understand at all is when everybody thinks that a person is weird, boring, stupid, but they keep talking to the person with no apparent reason. Why waste time with useless things, when time is short and you have so many other things to do? For me, it is like eating the cake's glace: the taste is awful, it is not healthy, it is not fun at all, you have many other better options, but you're just too lazy to take that thing out and eat just the cake.

Yes, I am annoyed and angry and I wish some people could simply disappear from Earth, forever.


  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I have to agree with you on that one - why they keep in touch with her is beyond me. I told M from the beginning - if there are any meetups where that person is involved, he can automatically count me out.

    Xx maryam

  2. Hey honey!!! I went to see the film yesterday, and let's have a dela (ahahahha), Silas is everything in the life of a human being! ihihihih Today I'll see Wolverine... ;) Miss you loads, babe!!! Take care and stop spending your energy with things that don't deserve it! I do prefer just to ignore. Not keep in touch, not to think about. That means nothing to me... XXXXX (


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