Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Booing astral hell

In spite of people in this country trying to annoy you and to deeply irritate you, which can be easier in your pre-period time, there are times that they won't make it, even trying as hard as they can. Especially when you have just booked a trip to Greece. In summer! With your boyfriend! Staying at the house of a friend! Shoudl I keep going? Astral hell my ass (sorry for that); unless I die before (knock, knock, knock on wood), this trip will be perfect!
Nothing to do with the topic, but the American Government is giving away Green Cards. For those who aim a life in Europe, it makes no difference. Brazilian passport is well accepted in most of the countries here, as tourists, in the same way as the american passport, but if you plan to go to the US, or if you are living there, it could be a good oportunity.
Next week we are going out for dinner with a 'friend' (he is a very nice person, but not my friend, so that's why the quotes), but he are struggling to find out a restaurant. I don't want to repeat options, so I would go happily to a Greek, Swiss, African, Caribbean or German places, Even veggies, as I've never been to one (because I don't eat vegetables at all); but it is so hard to achieve an agreement when you are four people. Well, it shouldn't be in London.
I don't care, I'm going to Dublin this weekend! :-P
Oh, I've seen The King, with Gael Garcia Bernal. It is his first incursion into Hollywood. So far, so good. I left the film with that question mark face, but now I think I've like it. If someone sees it, please pay attention on the last sentence of the film and sent it to me. It will be my next motto.
Today we're going to see Da Vinci Code.
I have to study.

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