Friday, March 31, 2006

I don't need the keys, I'll break in (*)

I'm not very inspired today. We've had a meeting this afternoon to decide on the name for the MA Interactive Media's final show (we are going to exhibit our practical projects in a room during a weekend in July. This is the "show"). It's the second meeting and again we didn't come up with an appropriate name for it. The options are Feel Me, Felt Again, Senz-Us, Feel Us, X-machina, SuperFeel (huh?), SuperHyper (huh?), The Feelies (huh?) and other pearls that I won't remember now. In the end even Fish&Chips was suggested. Out of this list my suggestion was Senz-Us, but I don't even like it that much. To be honest, I don't care at all, it could be "Nameless", "I Don't Care", "Whatever" that would be fine to me, I just want to show my piece of art (well, art is what some people say is art, and some people are calling it art, so I'm an artist, I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do about it, no, no autographs, excuse me) and start my dissertation.

I have no news to tell, so I will invent some, ok? News I would like to deliver you:

1) The Master is finished! =D
2) As a prize I'm going for a 3-week vacation in Australia! :oD
3) I'm Portuguese! No jokes, please, this is serious. :-P
4) I won the lottery! And sweethearts, the lottery here pays many, many, many millions euros/pounds; it's not the alms paid in Brazil. :]
5) Johnny Depp asked me to marry him, but I said "babe, you are late, my heart belongs to another man and he makes me happy like you never will. I'm sorry. No, I'm not going to give you my phone number and no, we can't be friends!".

Yeah, just that, nothing special. Maybe on the next post I will be able to write something cool! :-P

I will still see you tomorrow. After that, who knows?!


(*) "Know your enemy" - Rage Against The Machine


  1. Assim nao eh possivel!! Ateh sem novidades voce eh ultra engracada! hahahaha
    Eu pareco uma doida quando leio seus posts... tenho ataques de riso =O,

  2. Oba!!! Joezinho is free for me!!! =D Thank you, Chris! eheheheh


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