Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Doing the laundry, cleaning the house and writing an essay

I am trying to finish my last essay of the course (the hand in date is this Friday), but I cannot stop blaming myself for choosing such a difficult topic: Brazilian telenovelas and their influence on the Brazilians living abroad. And who the hell said that Brazilians living abroad see soap operas at all?! If on one hand this is really good, proving somehow that we go abroad and try to live the other country's culture (or have no money to pay cable TV, or hate soap operas, or...), on the other it sucks, as I can't find examples to put on my essays!! Hunf!

Off the records (tell this to anybody, I will deny until I die): I realized that I didn't clean my room/bathroom/kitchen for a month! I try to keep it visually cleaned, but the floor was disgusting. I clean it today, but I'm still not happy with it. In fact, I just want to keep myself busy. I can't focus on the readings completely, so I have to do other things. And why not do something useful, huh? :-D

Gotta tell you: spring is here and the gardens are beautiful. I've seen my firsts tulips here in South East (never seen them in Brazil) and they are my favorite flowers now (I like orchids, but they stink). What I'm loving the most? "Sunlight" (whatever) until 7-8 pm. After spending 3 months in the darkness (sashimiiiiiiiii), with the nights coming around 2-3 pm, it is great to see the light again. It is still too cold to lay down on the park, as Eriquinha is doing in the States (and Adriana did one day here), but soon it will be warm enough to go out on no-sleeves t-shirts.

By the way, Adriana left the country straight to Spain. Barcelona and Madrid. Lucky her! She made me feel like going to the theatres more often (twice a year, instead of twice in a lifetime); we went to see The Producers (highly recommended) and we had a good laugh. I ate on Burger King twice. Still prefer Brazilian McDonald's.

I've seen In The Mood for Love and 2046 on DVD. I have nothing to say about that yet.

Did I tell you that I'm going to see Pearl jam live in August? Reading Festival? I will. I'm not frustrated anymore, but I have to confess that I wished I had more money to go to shows here. Tool is touring (there will be a cool festival in Denmark and they will performe there too), Radiohead too, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters (Hyde Park) and the list is huge. No worries, one day I will get there.

Meanwhile, the only place I will get is to the library to finish the work! See you later, kids.


  1. 1- limpeza da casa eh? hmmm, sei bem o que eh isso... jah passamos um mes sem passar o aspirador!!! (por conta de uma depressao quase profunda, rsrs) mas abafa o caso... nao se repetirah, caso contrario minha alergia me mata!
    2- aqui o dia tem ficado claro ateh umas 9 pm
    3- amo tulipas!!! fiquei frustrada porque no meu casamento nao pude ter um buque de tulipas cor de rosa(muito quente nossa terrinha)... mas a primavera aqui eh cheinha de tulipas! as minha preferidas sao a rosa-choque e a amarelinha =O)
    4- sou totalmente a favor do dinheiro gasto com shows!! se bem que eu sou suspeita... tambem sou totalmente a favor do dinheiro gasto em roupas, sapatos, bolsas, restaurantes... jah sei, sou a favor do dinheiro bem gasto ;)
    5- falando em restaurantes, temos ido a umas international cousines DIVINAS!
    6- vou me embora porque esse comment jah virou um post!!!!
    7- beijocas!
    8- soh um 'ps'... temos novidade! mas eu conto no meu proximo post, que deve sair este fim de semana...

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