Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Women's International Day

Congratulations to all my girl friends for today. I don't care that much about those days, but if you manage to get a present, wow, let's celebrate! I must tell you that this year I will celebrate, thanks to my bank HSBC. Many days ago I participate of a research or something like that (I usually participate on researchs, even if they don't give anything in return, as I do believe the companies are trying to have a feedback for their clients, especially in this country), and today I receive an e-mail from HSBC saying that I won a digital camera! Not bad, huh?

I thought today was going to be those days that you think "damn, why I left my bed anyway?". I had to wake up early because I had an appointment with my tutor at 10.30h (I need 2 hours to understand what is happening, have a bath, prepare my bag...), it's raining and the tutor got stuck on traffic and appeared after 11h. I left the meeting really annoyed, sure that the essays will be even wworse than last term and with the thought I mentioned before. For my surprise: it's raining but it's warm; waiting for the tutor outside, under the rain, wasn't that bad as I was reading; I had the impression that all the students are a bit lost. Add to that a nice phone call I had this morning, a nice walk to College (I usually go by bus), Japanese cookies as a gift from a friend and a new digital camera, and, voilá, you have a happy Christina!

Today is the Wednesday's movie night and we are going to see "Syriana". I don't know who is going for sure, but I bet I'll have fun.

Ops, fresh news for us: I've just received an e-mail for the Portuguese consulate saying that I can request the citizenship here in London. Sounds good.

You know, I was thinking about this thing of having your fotoblog indicated as a "cool fotoblog" by UOL (the internet provider). Now everybody - strangers mainly - thinks it is about London. It's not! It's about whatever I want it to be. Did I make myself clear?

For the gringos: "London, London" is a song written by Caetano Veloso. He was exhiled in London during brazilian's dictatorship. Here is a sample:

(...) I know I know no one here to say hello
I know they keep the way clear
I am lonely in London without fear
I'm wandering round and round nowhere to go
While my eyes go looking for flying saucers in the sky
Oh sunday, monday, autumn pass by me
And people hurry on so pacefully (...)

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