Friday, March 10, 2006

Me lazy!

* I didn't "understand" Syriana completely. I'll have to see it again, with subtitles.

* My jukebox arrived yesterday. I'm not going to mention that it went to a deposit at 9 am, while I was sitting outside the lab until 10.30 waiting for it. Should I mention that the plug is the European one, not the British, and I couldn't see it working?

* Yesterday I also ate some vegetarian sushi. Rieko, my Japanese friend, made them and I gave it to me. There was a egg thing quite good. I think I would prefer the sushis hot and with soy sauce. It was kind of her, I was hungry, so I couldn't say "no, thanks".

* I bought another book to help me with the essays. Next step: read it!

* The prints I ordered arrived. Out of 20, 3 are really crap (I think I sent the low res file), 1 was the wrong pic, and 16 are good. I need to find a place to put them. By the way, printing digital photos here is really cheap (comparing to Brazil): 0.10p each + 0.99 of shipping. I just paid the shipping because I got 20 prints for free.

* I can't believe that today is the 10th already!

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