Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

Did I tell you that I'm paranoid? I love making plans, I love when I can accomplish them and tick them of my TO DO list, but I get so anxious to start working in a new plan that it is also a torture when I have one. It's that love-hate relationship and sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes it makes me sick. As it was making me sick, I postponed some plans: 1) Roller skates: no money, no time until May. The weather is horrible too, but I'm sure spring will be a lovely time for roller skating in the park (p.s.: I don't skate, I'll have to learn first) ; 2) Gym: same as above. I might give up gym for good if I can make roller skating a habit (huahuahuahuahuahuahuahua); 3) Traveling: guess what?! Same problems! In fact this is a bit worse, as I want to focus on this masters and being away doesn't help at all. My "plan" now is to finish it and after September I can relax and have some fun. I miss making plans already.


One other thing I want to focus this year: my Portuguese citizenship. As my grandfather was Portuguese, I can request the citizenship right after my mother gets hers. I regret not taking care of this before, as it seems to be last complicated than I was told it would be, but there's no time to cry over spilt milk; so we (my mom mostly) are trying to rush with this. The lady at the consulate said that, once you have all the correct documents, the whole process takes around three months; if she didn't lie to us, my mom will be a Portuguese citizen by July. Today I am the proverb girl, so I must say that I don't like to count with the egg inside the chicken's ass (hahahaha, I don't think there's a similar in English, but I love this one in Portuguese; it's poorly translated, but anyways...), but this kind of thing really makes me happy. :-)


Oh my God. I have just realized that I have nothing to say and I'm just making up stories to keep this blog working! Boring... Just to finish and keep some friends posted:
- I'm attending a MAX/MSP course on Saturdays (from 10 am to 5 pm). It's ok, I hope it get's better and it will be useful to my practical projects;
- I'll have classes until March 24th, then one month holidays, then tutorials for my practical projects and dissertation;
- I have to write two 6,000-word essays for April 27th;
- It's raining.


  1. I miss chatting, shall we try to meet 4 a coffee? lunchtime, tomorrow? or thursday? what dya say?

  2. Mari, te mandei um e-mail! 4a e 5a durante o dia num dá, mas pós expediente sim, ou sexta feira, qualquer horário tá valendo!

    Eriquinha, mexi nuns negócios aqui, espero que agora esteja funcionando. Tô até assinando como "Other" para testar.



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