Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday, 13th!

Another week. I gotta tell you how bizarre yesterday was. The morning was good, really good, and I wasn't sleeping, so this is weird per se - a good Sunday morning. On the afternoon, we headed to the HTTP Gallery, in Manor House. We had to wait for 20 minutes at the station until a voice annouces that there was no service at Hammersmith & City line! OK, let's try to get there through a different route. The gallery closes at 5 pm; we arrived at Picadilly Circus around 4 pm, probably 30-45 minutes to get to the place. Nah, not enough time. So we decided to eat, because I was starving. Shakespeare's Head, here we go.

The food is not great, but it's fair. Plus, we got a nice table and we chatted a bit. After the cineworld unlimited card, these moments became a little rare. Talking about the card, we decided to go to the movies. The only option: The hills have eyes. Yeap, horror movie. I hate those "boo" films; you jump on the chair all the time, but nothing really happens. Almost in the end of the film, when we thought all the blood and killings would finally stop, the lights went on and a guy shouts "we have to evacuate the theatre, everybody must leave". Huh? I thought it was part of the film. hehehe We left, we stood outside on the freezing cold of a while, we followed the Cineworld's employers to their meeting point - MacDonald's, just to find out later that they didn't know what happened, and we went back to the cinema. All the entrances to the building were closed, so the only choice was go back home with all our uncertainties: what has happened at the building, how does the film end and where the hell is my travelcard?! Damn it!

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