Thursday, March 16, 2006


Long time no see. I gotta a good excuse: too busy being stressed.

This thingy on my mouth is the physical reaction of my body to these last days. Honestly I think it was an overraction, as I had no big reason to be like this, but who am I to judge how my body - and with what intensity - reacts to something. The only problem is that I'm sure from now on will be a stressful life. Oh, boy!

Did I mention that I wouldn't plan anything else until I graduate in September? It was a promise, as I was mentally uncapable to focus on anything else except the course. Well, I didn't break the promise. It's just happen to be a person to think about these things for me. Yeah, sometimes it's good to leave your life on the hands of the others - if you trust them enough. You really take a weight off of your back without needing to avoid good moments in life. Why am I saying this? Oh! Ok, now is official: I'm going to Dublin in May. I've always wanted to go to Ireland; it was one for my Top 5 short trips when I got here, but for some reasons I've postponed it. So, yeah, on May 27th I'm flying to Dublin.

Some other plans are in their way. Gotta focus on two essays for the end of April though. I'll have loads of nightmares, herpes, stomach pains and heart speeding until July 13th. I might have some good news inbetween this period, but nothing to tell now.

This is the present HSBC gave to me; it arrived this morning. Nice, isn't it? Now I have a dilema: I don't know if I sell this one or the old Sony one. I think both are good and I don't like the idea of selling something I won, especially because I don't get presents that often and I think it might bring me bad luck (toc, toc, toc). I need to compare both and see which one is better. A cherry camera is not my profile though.

Yesterday I saw Tsotsi. Good film. Some people said it is South Africa's "City of God"; maybe because of the international projection South Africa got with it. Not because of the story. There are some similarity between South Africa and Brazil, but in the film it resumes to the huge slums. City of God is violent, with some stupidly cruel and real scenes, while Tsotsi has some violent, some "shocking" stuff, but it is a fairy tale when compared with the Brazilian film. I recommend both, but Tsotsi is a more digestive option for sensitive stomaches.

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