Friday, March 17, 2006

Bizarrely broken-hearted...

A 'couple of 5-6' friends said they can't post comments here. :-( Not fair. I wonder if it is something to do with system/internet security, such as this damn firewall I have in my laptop that sometimes doesn't allow me to install, or open a website. Oh, well, at least I'm not talking to the walls here.

Mari and Laine are posting a 'game' at their blogs that it's all about telling everybody 5 peculiar things you usually do that make you unique among human beings. Here are mine: 1) make weird faces in front of the mirrow trying to find out wrinkles and other anomalies; 2) pray mentally everytime I peel an egg to not find a dead chick inside - of part of it; 3) feel guilty when I eat something I shouldn't hidden from the rest of the world; I also beg to God to punish me by taking my appetite away, which He never did; 4) I spend too much time thinking, even about stupid things like "why do I think 'with' and write 'if' all the time?" ; 5) I pretend to be patient when I'm not and lose patience when I shouldn't. Yeap, gonna burn in Hell! Better than freeze in Antartica, I must say.

To my friend Laine and all the UOL Fotolog users: I've tried to copy/paste the instructions to include links to your fotologs, but it's annoying to put them here. I'm gonna try to include it on my fotolog and explain in portuguese, which I think will be easier.

Just a last think I wanna share. This morning I've been woken by a group of noisy French teenagers. No, not 10 am, at 8 am. This should be illegal. I wonder the smell dowstairs.

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