Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fool around

Nothing special to say. Just that I had one of the worse food ever last Saturday. Mixed barbecue, or something like that, which was supposed to be 5 or 6 types of meat. When I saw those black chunks on the plate I was a bit confused and frustrated, but I was too tired to complain to the waiter. So I ate it like that. Awful, totally burned. Could be human flesh that I wouldn't recognize.

Besides trying to study, I went to the cinema and saw... The Proposition, a film with a bunch of really dirty men and flies. This film is part of a conspiration to make me change my mind of going to Australia. But I will go, one day. Mark my words!

I'm talking to two Brazilian friends on MSN now and I just found out that Indaiá is going to live in Madrid from September on. This is so amasingly great, because I so want to travel in September, when I finish my course, and I was looking for company. Cipri will probably be working and Lilian too and Mariana too. Too busy friends. I hope Cris can manage to save some money and come along too. So far we've talked about Venice, Florence, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece. Gonna have to sell my body to pay for all the trips I'm planning. I don't even know if it's going to happen, but planning it so cool!

There's another travelling plan in December and I might go to Brazil in February. I wonder when I will start working...

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