Monday, February 20, 2006

Let's get it started

I think I'm becoming a cinema freak! Six films in a week, three of them seen yesterday. The problem is not even seeing so many films in a row, but to get stressed with the possibility of missing a good film that might not be screening next week! Paranoia? Yeah, that's my middle name. We went all the way up to Brent Cross (Zone 3) just to see the March of the Penguins. Of course, being there after a one-hour-and-a-half trip, we needed to see other stuff. But still, the main proposal of this trip was to see a documentary of penguins living in the South Pole, which was screening only there and maybe at another venue.

The theatre was O.K., not as bad as some theatre's in Rio, not as good as West India Quays screens. But look what I found out going there:

Xmen 3! How cool is that? I'm a great fan of popcorn movies, those that add nothing (or little) to your cultural life, but that make you feel like a kid in Disneyland! May will be THE month of popcorn films: Xmen 3, Mission Impossible 3, The DaVinci Code... Boy, I love summer holidays!

So, besides seeing a bunch of films (including Magnolia and The Stepford Wives on DVD), I also went for a walk (and jukebox hunting) at Portobello Market on Saturday. It wasn't so packed, maybe because of the cold, maybe because my standard of packed places is different. Portobello Road has lovely houses and it was good to see colorful fronts instead of those red or gray brick ones.

And it was sunny too (but not for so long)!

We ate delicious black beans (with guarana and passion fruit mousse) at Brazil by Kilo and went to the Tate Modern. Besides being in an ugly building (it used to be a factory, as I was told), it is also boring! I don't like modern art, I must confess. Some of the pieces I've seen there were totally waste of money, space and time. Yeap, some nice stuff, it's true, but the majority is unecessary. Sorry, I'm a pratical person, I need to find utility for everything (even if it is only for "entertaining" purposes, like popcorn movies). The view is quite nice though.

Below is a piece of "art" that I don't know what exactly is about as I didn't get too close to find out. Personally, I think it is part of Alice in Wonderland scenarium: this is the sugarcube stock.

I still have loads to write and post, but I don't want to use all my repertoire of pictures taken on the weekend, especially because I'm not sure if I'll have nice new pictures this week. So, I'll stop here and tomorrow - or "maybe later" - I'll come back!

Have a great week! :-)


  1. Hey, who's that sexy guy with a camera in his hand, in the 3rd picture? :-)

  2. who? who? no no, I'm not asking who's the sexy guy with a camera in his hand...ehehehe you know what I want to know, Miss Lima. DO NOT DO IT TO ME, GIRL! ehehehe

  3. Lili, what do you want to know then?! :-)

    You're in Brazil, with all the slim gorgeous men there! If I was gay, I'd be jealous!


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