Monday, February 20, 2006

Is it working?

I do have a fotoblog ( I do not update it quite often (because I'm lazy, because I don't have pictures, because I think too much and act too little). Even though I decided to creat this blog. I'll explain the reason: because I can! :-P Nah, actually I don't have a very good reason, but this week was quite a busy one and I have a lot to write (and brand new pictures to show, tah-dah) that I thought that having a parallel blog would be easier.

So this is how it's going to work: my fotoblog will stop acting as a blog. Instead, I'm just going to post one nice picture and tell a brief story of it or the day or whatever. To know more, you just have to come here. The picture posted there will not feature here, the 'story' told there will not be exactly the same posted here. The fotoblog will be in Portuguese (because I need to practice) and the blog will be in English (because I need to practice). That simple!

I'll try to be more careful with my typing mistakes and I'll try to improve the grammar and vocabulary and whatever (I love that word, did I tell you?), but I really don't care that much. Feel free to correct me, but don't take these words too serious.

That's it. Enough explanations. Let's play! Yey! Ops, too lazy again! Need to have a bath and eat something before I start with the bla bla bla.

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