Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Guess who's fallen off the bed this morning?!

Yesterday I had to return the DVDs I borrowed at College and in my way back home I stopped at the market to buy some stuff. The original idea was to be buy cream (half-half, as per Lalá's instructions), bread and, maybe, condensed milk. I didn't find the 'half-half' (nor even the full-full), and I decided to substitute the condensed milk by... those:

According to the package, those are Clementines. It is almost the size of a ping-pong (what is the name in English?!) and I ate one with just a bite. The Babybel cheese is there just as a reference. But be pround of me: this fruit (tangerine's niece?) is healthier than condensed milk! My sin: I bought lemmon cake. Oh, please, please, for breakfast and 5 o'clock tea (which is a myth)! It isn't so tasty, though.

I feel like indulging myself with nice food because I'm not feeling good lately. I've been so allergic these days; I think is a mix of freezing temperature, pollution, and dust. Everything in this country is so old that you can feel the musty smell in the air.

Last night U2 performed in São Paulo (on a Monday?!?!). Rolling Stones played at Copacabana beach last weekend. Franz Ferdinand is performing in Rio and SP. You know what that means? Summer! (no, I'm not changing subject; sun is good to prevent mould!) So far, Summer will bring Foo Fighters to Hyde Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers to Earl's Court, Rolling Stones and Santana to Wembley (no comments about Bon Jovi). But my favorite summer program is going to the beach! This year I might try a picnic on one of the hundreds parks of London. Beach, shows, parks... one thing is for sure: I need some sun!!!

It is not possible that a human being recently arrived from Rio de Janeiro - where it is summer - is as tanned as a corpse. Quickly changing topic: be honest, this is a cute couple or what!? We even match the color of the wall behind us! :-D

But not for long, the summer IS coming! One day!

O.K., you won, I'll shut up now.


  1. Don't let the sun go down on me yeeaahhhh

    Can you pass me the sun too, please?


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