Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Follow the leader

this morning I've managed to dress up my duvet in 3 minutes! It usually takes more, as I have to study the cover, the duvet, find the edges, check the correct position and then start the battle! It's nice that you can simply undress your blanket to wash the cover, instead of having to wash the entire thing.

So, as I've beaten my own dressing-duvet record, I feel like I can do anything! Even leading a school tour to the Cineworld at Shaftesbury Ave. Yeah, I know that my mis(or dis?)orientation skills can be others amusement, but don't count on me today to have fun, kids!

Today's school trip will take us from National Gallery, in Trafalgar Square, to Tocadero's Cineworld. Piece of cake: just go to Leicester (Lêister) Square amd go left to Trocadero Center. Wow, I just realized (yeah, I'm looking at A to Z) how close Haymarket (where the other Cineworld is) is! Like the lady at Goldsmiths College said: stick to your A to Z, it will be your bible in London!

Oh, by the way, the film today will be Walk The Line!

Just a quick note to Mariana: is it worthy to buy the roller skates in March? I mean, deep inside, with all your London experience: do you think we will go skating on a nice windy Sunday of March? Whatever you say!!

Opsie, late for school again! G'byeee!

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