Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter in London

Winter is coming. Technically it is still autumn, but winter in London doesn't get much colder. Actually I guess the concept of 4 seasons is disappearing (it never existed in Brazil).

We have about 2 days in summer when the temperature can go up to 32 (w-o-w), then on good days it will be around 20-25C (oooh, hot!). In winter, you won't find the freezing temperatures you get elsewhere (US, Canada, Northern Europe). It can get to zero, but rarely below that. And of course, no snow for us.

Having said that you get weird summer days with temperature around 10C for a whole month or snow in April. Fun.

I tried to be brave and not over dress or pest Mr. C to turn the heating on, but after yesterday's freezing day, I decided I need to look after my health. If before I was wearing a thin layer (I.e. My spring blouses from Brazil) + a coat, now I'm wearing tights under my jeans, boots, a couple of warm layers and the coat. Oh, and a scarf too. Not yet gloves or hats, as I'm expecting the temperature to drop when I'm back from Brazil. Oh, and we also had the heating on for the
first time since last winter. :)

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  1. Here it is London summer, 20-25. Really nice, except that it gets dark at 6, right around the time I get off work.


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