Sunday, November 08, 2009

Another weekend is gone...

While I'm still working on my future happy blog, I'll have to keep blogging here.

I couldn't go one single day to the gym last week. Too bad. But honestly, I didn't miss it that much. I went to the cinema though. We saw The men who stare at goats and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. The first one is a comedy, but I barely laughed. On the other hand, a couple of girls in the room were laughing hysterically and at the most obvious jokes - almost annoying. Oh, the funniest part - and this is me being sadistic - was the broken chair next to Mr. C. He put his stuff (backpack and jacket) on the chair to avoid people sitting on it - it was really broken. The sitting plan was: aisle, broken chair, Mr. C, me, another couple. You would think that nobody would want to sit on a single spot. Anyway, we were surprised by the amount of people asking him to remove his stuff off the chair. In the beginning he kindly explained that it was broken, but almost at the end of the film (why the heck people even bother to go in when it's 30 minutes to finish?) this guy came and he decided just to remove his things and the guy didn't even look - just went for it and straight to the floor. This was one only part of the film that I laughed so much that I cried!! For half an hour or so.

The second film is good if you like fantasy - it's visually beautiful and I probably got lost in my own thoughts and dreams and didn't pay much attention to the main plot. What is it all about again? Dreams, imagination, magic, mystery, nonsense. I guess I should watch it again, or maybe not and live in my own colouful dreams.

On Saturday we saw a couple of Portuguese-spoken films: one about East Timor (O Sonho do Crocodilo, which, shamefully, we slept during most of it because of a heavy meal we had before the film - rice, black beans, farofa, steak) and another from Mozambique (O Grande Bazar?). The second one is quite funny.

Today the event was less cultural, but not least fun: we went to Lillywhites and Mr. J's to watch Chelsea vs ManU, with Chelsea winning (1 x 0) and making everybody happy.

Damn, I forgot I left clothes in the washing machine before we left the house today!

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  1. George really wants to see The men who stare at goats. I will probably be the annoying girl that laughs at the obvious jokes. Although Americans need obvious jokes to laugh, this movie was probably made for them.


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