Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday - tick!

Tired? Check!
Hungry? Not anymore!
Sleepy? Check!
Very sleepy? Super check!
Tuesday was ok. Busy but not extremely busy. A bit stressful at the end. My boss forgot her phone in the office and she leaves far away. Trying to help I arrange to meet with a colleague that will meet her tomorrow morning so she could give her the phone. My boss is out of the office until next week, so she really needed it. It was all going fine when I received a phone call from the office while I was already on my train home. It was my boss asking where her mobile was. She went all the way back from wherever she was to get her phone back!! Geez, and the poor woman was until 8.30pm in the office trying to sort out how to recover the phone tonight as she wants to be contactable while driving to the meeting she is going to. One of those situations that you wish you were just quiet. Everything is fine now and she has the phone.
I found out today - and almost by chance - that friend Lillywhites is back to the bloggers community and has been blogging since June!!! I have to catch up with some readings. And update the list on the right.
This weekend I have another babyshower (the previous one was for Ben who is now almost 2 months old). This one is Isabella's, Guta's baby, due in November. That reminds me that I still need to buy the present. hmmmm, ok, I have time.
I'm also going to Hampton Court to cheer for Lillywhites, Superstylish and Co. (yes, I'm trying to give nicknames to all my friends, instead of just giving away their names - it's an exercise).
Autumn is here. Despite getting darker, there are some few things that only Autumn can bring us: the most beautiful colours you can see. The trees are just soooooooooo beautiful, and the sunsets are red, the sky is a mix of dark blue, red, yellow. And it is still not cold enough to freeze your bones. I think Autumn and Winter are the best seasons of the year. Such a shame that England is colder than the average, otherwise it would be perfect!
Ok, enough. Bye-bye!

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  1. I was probably drunk when I wrote this post. When I said "I think Autumn and Winter are the best seasons of the year", I actually meant Autumn and SPRING!!!!!


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