Friday, September 11, 2009

Some things still surprises me...

... Like how bad the service in this country can be.

I was at the clinic on Monday and the doctor asked me to do a blood
test. I checked with the recepcionists dates and times and she said
that there was a walk in centre from 10.30am and I should get here by
9.30am. I'm obedient, so here I was at 9.30am (after getting home at
2am). Now the "new" receptionist said "there's no walk in today".
What?! She seems like she doesn't know what your are doing, so now she
decided that I have to wait until 10 and then go there to get a

People in this country really like to waste other people's time. And
they say please and thank you to make it sound like they are nice.

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