Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm in Shepherd's Bush,

Cold and lonely and bored. So what do I see around? People of all
sorts waiting for the same train. Just across the platform is
Westfield, one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe (at least it
was supposed to be when the construction started about 10 years ago).
House of Fraser mega store is on this side. First time I went to house
of fraser was two, three weeks ago. I'm scared of mega stores in the
UK - they seem very expensive and I get stressed with very expensive
things. Especially because very expensive things are made in China,
Pakistan, Vietnam, ..., like the cheap stuff.

Oooh, ambulance. Not good.

The train is still not here. The panel says arrive in 0 minutes for 2
minutes now. The panel can't count.

Still hungry, cold and bored. And the train is here, only 5 min late.
So much for British punctuality.

P.S.: some stupid tourists put their bikes (3) by the door and we
couldn't open it. *sigh* better keep my thoughts in my head.

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