Friday, September 18, 2009

Probably the last post from Spain

Posts sent via email are just a mess, huh!


Our 6-day holidays are gone. Next: two weeks in Brazil.

And because I'm an anxious person and I can't leave one day after the
other, I'm already thinking about the next trip. Somewhere stupidly
cold? Somewhere amazingly warm? Somewhere far? Close? In January?
February? March?

World Cup is coming, but I don't think we could afford a trip to South
Africa. The tickets will probably be a fortune! And I would want to go
to the beaches, and visit around, while Mr. C would prefer to watch
ALL the matches.

Oh well, I might just go for my skating lessons instead...

Tomorrow waky-waky time is 6am. Sweet!

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  1. George is exactly like you: as soon as he gets home from a trip he starts planning the next one. Uhmm, sometimes he looks at the photos he took on the trip first :)


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