Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mixed feelings

It's the first time I come to Spain and I'm not totally in love with
the place. My main complain about Costa del Sol is that the area
doesn't look like Spain. There's no personality. Somebody probably
thought: useless piece of land + sun all day round and warm weather
(err, for British standards at least) + build a bunch of block of
flats (who cares if they are ugly?) and voila: loads of tourists
spending their money in the area.

And what is interesting is that you don't see British tourists
anywhere. The beaches are empty and the few tourists are Spanish. They
are all in their villas' swimming pools during the day and in the pubs
during the night. Fair enough, the villas are amazing and the beaches
aren't beatiful, so can't really blame them. I haven't been to a
villa, but from the outside they look like those mansions from the

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  1. Spain can be beautiful, Pamplona, Barcelona, Allambra, they are one my favorites...And not a lot os British people around... At least now you~ve done it, you know not to repeat it agin :)


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