Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Momentary lapse of memory

I'm always in those situations in which I have something to write
about on the blog, I'm thinking "hmm, that would do a nice post" and
when I have the opportunity to write, where's 'it'?

And now is one of those moments. And yet I keep writing although I
have no clue what I'm going to write about.

Ok, so back to useless randomness. I'm on the train from London Bridge
to Charing Cross. Every working day is the same thing. I'm slightly
later than usual, but still the same route. I decided to go to the end
of this long train to walk a bit more. And get on an emptier carriage.
It's raining. Sort of. And cold. The train is warm at least. Still I'm
planning to walk from Charing X to work (about 20 min walking fast).

Walking makes me calm down. And think about nothing or nothing
important at least. And I can also check on people and things and have
stuff to write on the blog. Of course, I'll forget about them, but at
least I'll think about stuff.

Very random stuff: there's a lady with the sausage dog on the train.
The dog is SO old that is has grey hair. It makes me think about why I
don't have pets. I don't deal well with death. And pets will probably
die before you, unless you are 80 years old and get a puppy.

That's it. There was something else but my brain works faster than my hands.

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  1. Hm! A pet it's really a responsability. It's great to have them around especially dogs and it's sad whn you lose them! I've experienced both. Luckily the dog stays now with my parents-in-law and has plenty of space and we are a sort of godparents:)

  2. Well it was a nice post after all :) What about write down on your phone the topics you want to write about so you dont forget it? Could be a good trick!

    And about the pets, Mr J convinced me any sadness we feel when the pets dies is compensated by the hapiness they give us when they are alive. That's why we may get one, one day :)


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