Monday, August 17, 2009

Using the spare time

I spend about an hour on trains/tube going to and coming back from
work. Actually, it can be twice the time, if you consider the waiting
time, changing trains/tube and walking parts. Two hours a day is quite
a lot to be wasted. In the beginning I used to sleep on my way to work
as I'm not a morning person. Then I tried to read but I feel sick.
Sometimes I just stare. I do a lot of staring - I just look at people,
or to the horizon, and think about 1) nothing, 2) work, 3) things that
I should have done but haven't or that need to be done and will be, 4)
holidays, 5) how I wanted my life to be, 6) random stuff (such as how
London would be if we had a nice beach here?). Now I update the blog
or play sudoku. I could work, but I wouldn't get anything out of it
apart from less hours of me-time.

I need to find something else to do in my spare commuting time. Suggestions?

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  1. It may sound terribly old fashioned but knitting a scarf is very relaxing...:)
    In Thailand is kinda of new trend!

  2. Lelei1:10 PM

    How the hell do you manage to think about nothing? And you can always download audiobooks and listen to them as you can't read it :)

  3. Keep writing on the blog :)!!!


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