Monday, August 17, 2009

So, I got this email...

... About the importance of having time. Or making time. Basically
this lady (a Brazilian journalist, not that you care) says that
nothing really matters if you don't have to be happy. In a nutshell.

Nothing new, I must admit, but something that we should always remind
ourselves of otherwise we go bonkers.

So, I decided to find time for things I want to do. I'm slowly getting
there by moving one of my gym days to Saturdays. It might seem a waste
of good weekend for some, but it turned out that my Saturdays are much
more productive. We go out for lunch, we go to the cinema, we can even
go shopping!

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  1. Lelei1:08 PM

    Once you are out why not do the whole thing? And you can use your early Friday for other stuff :)


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