Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A post for our friends in Australia

* Some time ago I read on Erica's blog (ops, I need to update the link on the right) that Melbourne has water control and she had 4 minutes to have a shower. First I thought to myself that this is impossible!
You're supposed to brush your teeth for 10 min., how can you have a shower in 10 min? Then I actually believed that it is possible as I am rubish when it comes to calculating time. Best thing to do in situations like this is try it. So there I went to have a very quick shower (hair wash not included). The result: 8 minutes. Damn, 4 minutes is impossible!

* She was also comparing life in Australia to the life in the US. I always thought that Australia would be closer to the US than to the UK (I guess I had Brazil in mind) but not really. It seems to me that Australia is like the UK, with better weather and nature, less mass culture and really far away. Prices are quite expensive specially housing and girlie needs services (I.e. Manicure).

* in London we have big problems with the size of the houses. People here think it is ok to have a 4-bedroom house, 2 living rooms, a big kitchen, nice garden and ONE bathroom. How the heck you expect a family to share ONE bathroom in rush hour (morning)?? At how dare people charge 400-500K (yes, half a million pounds) for something like this in an ok area (dude, good area is a 3 bedroom for 600K). A pound is about 2 US dollars.

* for the records: we don't have a dishwasher or even a dryer for that matter. It's not normal in rented flats and it's not that simple to get them.

* I'm lucky to have found a lovely Brazilian girl that does my nails and cuts my hair. 10 pounds hands, another 10 feet, another 10 to cut my hair. She waxes too but I don't know if I have male readers and I don't want to get into too many details. Anyway, this is really cheap for UK standards. Still looking for a beautician to take care of my skin but couldn't find a good one for less than 70 pounds.

* food-wise, I have to say that in general I'm used to the food but I don't think it's great. Prices varies. Beef is not good and expensive. Everything else you can get very expensive or very cheap depending on where you go.

* great stuff about the UK: 6 months maternity leave (paid), 23 working-day holidays (minimum), affordable flights to Europe and almost everywhere else. I also like public transportation but some people might kill me for saying that (well, I just don't know any

* All in all, I guess Erica would like London from a big-city-with-so-much-to-do-you-get-dizzy point of view, but the moral of the story is: they are the same shit, so go for the best
beaches/weather/food option. Or just go country-hopping; it is still the best way to live and see a bit of everything. :)

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  1. J is always on about how fast I am in teh shower, I think sometimes i take about 4 minutes spot-on! And I love London bad things as all :)

  2. We have been asking this question for a while: where to go once I am done here. So far it seems that every place has good things and bad things. It is really difficult to decide.
    I guess it all depends in what matters for you.

  3. oh my, what a huge post (especially because it was sent from your mobile!), hahaha

    Well, well, just so you know,IT IS impossible to take a 4-minute shower! Usually it takes 10 (w/o hair). I let Australians take the fast shower, they save water for me (that was horrible, erica!).
    Some other thoughts:
    1- meat here is great and not as expensive as in USA
    2- I'm in love w/ Melbourne (you must come for a visit!)
    3- We'll never buy my dream house here, NEVER! I don't want to leave Brighton, and buying a, let's say, 3-bedroom, 2-baths here is close to impossible (900k)... too bad... maybe we should keep country-hopping ;)

    OK, I'll not turn this comment into a post, so, that's all, folks ;)

    beijoca proce! :)


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