Monday, July 27, 2009

House hunting

Who said it was going to be easy?!

But at least it's good fun to get into people's house and see what they've done to their homes.

So far, nothing amazing but we saw a couple of great gardens, two really nice kitchens and a lovely street where I wouldn't mind living in.

Still a long way to find my dream house (which has 4 bathrooms but Mr. C said it's too far from the train station).

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  1. 4 bathrooms???? Oh my!!! That's MY dream house!!! We went from a 2 e 1/2 in the States to an only ONE here in Melbourne... Not to mention that I no long have my walk-in-closet... or a dishwasher... or a decent size bedroom... and the rent I'm paying now is more than twice that I used to pay there... hmmm... at least I'm living in a big city now... I guess... :)

  2. Hehehe, better wait, you know when your heart will say to you this is the one !


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