Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day trip

I'm on my way to Ireland, but I'm back tonight. Not much fun,
especially because the weather is not that great.

I've been quite 'busy' since we came back from Sardinia. Loads to do
at work, but I haven't worked very long hours, fortunately. Last
weekend I had 'events' on Saturday and Sunday, which isn't very common
in our lives. My first baby shower abroad - and probably the 2nd in my
life? The weather on Saturday was lovely and the baby shower was in
Brighton (beach) so a very nice combination. And Sunday we watched the
tennis finals in a pub by the river celebrating Charles and mine
belated bdays and Ivika's pre-bday (which has now past and I just
realised that I forgot to say happy bday on the day).

Had breakfast and now feeling slightly sickish. I needed a warm meal
and airports are not the best place to have a meal. I went for egg,
bacon and toast + orange juice. Since I'm not used to that in the
morning, so wonder why I'm sick.


Gonna get on a tiny plane in an hour. Hope to see you again! :)

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  1. Lelei2:04 PM

    it was my first baby shower ever! And I hope you are still not working long hours!


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